Nepal Ministry

New hope for girls

In February 2009 Håkan was deeply troubled and moved when he together with Pastor Raju Sundas from Nepal visited two villages in the West of Nepal where the marginalized people group of ‘Badi’ live. They are  dhalits, untouchables and are born into a life worse than any of us can imagine, with extreme poverty, without education, health-care and social status. The majority of the girls and women, mothers and daughters, are forced to sell their bodies at a young age to earn a living. We truly felt that this is part of something God has called us to do. To change the destiny of these young girls.

How it all began

Together with Lighthouse Foundation Nepal, Touching Asia (see Out of Ashes) took the initiative of launching into this new ministry of preventing/rescuing girls from the sex-trade by establishing a first shelter for these vulnerable girls. In preparation for this first girls home Mikael Alfven from LoveNepal was invited to support the work financially. The first home was started at Christmas 2009 in Kathmandu with thirty-four girls.
Since the foundation of the first home an explosive growth has taken place, and Lighthouse Foundation Nepal now manage six homes with more than 600 vulnerable girls (and boys) residing at the homes through support from several international partnerorganizations.
Additionally, a school with 800 students as well as a Half-way house providing vocational training for girls. A ministry for pregnant women called Miriam Baby Center has opened where pregnant women will receive help, and where there babies can be cared for.

All of this work is managed by Lighthouse Foundation Nepal, a state-approved NGO. The workers of Lighthouse Foundation Nepal are the true heroes in this fight against the unrighteousness and injustice done to the girls and women.

To read more about this and how to aid in this mercy ministry please visit Project: Out of Ashes.