The 20th Anniversary Celebration and Graduation

What a fantastic time we had in Myanmar!

Thank you for your prayers for this year’s group of students (the 20th batch) as well as for the entire 20th Anniversary Celebration, and for the Missions Conference. It was a full week of celebration and reunion as a number of our coworkers and Bible school teachers also came together for this event. The big Ball Room in Strand Hotel was full with rejoicing, dancing and excited people. It is difficult to explain the atmosphere for someone who was not there. It was really wonderful, energizing and infusing. The Full Gospel Music Ministry has produced several DVDs and CDs and has a great reputation in the country. It is a powerful Worship team. I always say that they are ‘The Hillsong of Myanmar’ as they have a great impact through their music.


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2,051 students have graduated during these twenty years. A large percentage of them are in full time Christian ministry today as pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, worship leaders, Sunday school teachers, etc. Many have started churches and children homes, and several have also started Bible schools. Many are also serving God and man in other professions and are contributing to the work of the Kingdom in many different capacities. Only God knows how they have affected the world.

Pastor Mung and sister Niang’s Full Gospel Assembly has during these twenty years grown from a handful of members to more than 5500 members and 42 churches spread out all over the nation. The staff and missionaries are dedicated and committed to sharing the Good News to the entire nation, and their belief is that one day Burma will be known as a Christian nation.

The day we started the school in September 1996, I remember how I had a clear impression of God asking me “Do you dare to believe for 500 churches planted by students that will graduate from this school?” I am sure that one day that that dream will be fulfilled and even much more. FGBTC1 10%
From left Tim and Carol Higgins (Australia), Gunnar Rydin (Sweden)
Kazuo Syrja-Sano (Japan), Steve Roberts (Malaysia), Susanne Renkel,
Erika and I, Raju Sundas (Nepal), Tord Renkel, Mark Magnusson (Japan)
and Pastors Mung and Niang.

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​Food with the students in the Bible school hall


Thank you for your love and support.

Many warm greetings,
Håkan Gabrielsson


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