Japanese Guests in Kathmandu

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More women and girls are being rescued through the ministry of Lighthouse Foundation Nepal. Below is a photo of a mother and her daughter. This mother and her daughter was rescued a couple of weeks ago from Mumbai. She has been in the brothel for twenty-two years. Her name is Soni. Both she and her daughter are two of the thousands that endure the same torment and abuse year after year. The great majority of chidren under Lighthouse Foundation’s care have however come to get education and been prevented from being sexually abused and trafficked.

RescuedApril20% kopia

Japanese friends visiting Nepal

April was an intense month as a team from our partner Bethany Kindergarten from Japan visited the work in Nepal. They have been involved in the work from the very beginning when they helped us when we raised funds to start the first Badi Girls Hostel. Apart from visiting the hostels and the CCS school, Miriam Baby Centre, etc. they also visited earthquake areas and areas like Chepang and Gorka. They returned back home to Japan with a much greater understanding of the poverty, the difficulties and the culture of sexual abuse, but also with a great appreciation and thankfulness to the work of Lighthouse Foundation. In the midst of all the darkness and difficulties miracles are taking place – women and girls are being rescued and education and restoration is ongoing. The growth is obvious and the transformation is tangible.


Teachers and staff20%

Welcoming of the Japanese team at the school by teachers, staff and students. 

Traditional dance20%

Nepali traditional dance by students and staff. 


The principal Lalima Malakar showing the new library.

Miriam baby Centre20%Visiting Miriam Baby Centre

Nissi Children Home in Odisha India

This time of the year it is very hot in India, Nepal and Myanmar, the areas where we are supporting children homes, hostels, day care centers and community projects. Its been extremely hot in Odisha state in India with temperatures above 45 degrees and the children at Nissi Children Home in Sunderghar have been suffering a lot, but a couple of weeks ago we were able to provide air coolers for them and now they are very happy.

Air coolers Nissi

Air coolers for the children home​ in Sundergarh

Barnabas Children Home in Yangon, Myanmar send their greetings and thanks for the support they receive. They have celebrated The Water Festival, which is a big festival in Myanmar. Children now have a break from school during April and May and are attending children camps.



Our regular monthly support is for:

Nissi Children Home in Odisha, India

St. Erika School in Odisha, India

Women’s work outside Kolkata, India

Barnabas children home in Yangon, Myanmar

College education for girls in Nepal

Girls in Kathmandu Badi girls Homes, Nepal

Organic farm in Kathmandu, Nepal


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